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Seasons greetings

Soon the time will come when we will have time to rest and look back on the year that is ending. And once again, we will realise that the year was full of challenges and demanded a great amount of commitment, strength and energy from all of us.

If we then look ahead, we see that there are still many tasks ahead of us. That's why we should all use the upcoming Christmas season to recharge our batteries and enjoy the peace and quiet with the people who are important to us, so that we are ready for the challenges of the new year ahead.

With this in mind, we wish you, your family, friends and colleagues a relaxing and restful Christmas season and a healthy New Year. We are grateful for the partnership and co-operation in the year that is now coming to an end and hope that we can continue to be there for you in the new year.

As in previous years, we will not be giving gifts this year. Instead, we are donating to charitable organisations.



Seasons greetings